Prof. Daniele De Wrachien

State University of Milan, Italy. Full Professor of Irrigation and Drainage. Master in Geology, State University of Milan Ph. D. in Advanced Engineering, Geology, State University of Milan. Qualifications: Ph. D., State University of Milan, Advanced Engineering Geology, Master, State University of Milan, Geology. Director of the Computer Centre of the Faculty of Agriculture (1989 – 1995), Director of the Department of Agricultural Hydraulics (2000 – 2006), President of EurAgEng (European Society of Agricultural Engineers) (2002 - 2004), Member of the Executive Board of CIGR (International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering) (2006 – 20014), Member of the Board of Directors of WIT (Wessex Institute of Technology) (2010 -), Member of the Editorial Board of the ICID (International commission on Irrigation and drainage) Journal Irrigation and Drainage (1998 -), Author of more than 150 publications (scientific papers ,key-note lectures, books and tecnical reports), Organizer of more than fifty International Events (Conferences, Congresses, Symposia and Workshops) held in about fifteen Countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Australia). Specialization Areas: Water resources management, Irrigation and drainage technology, performance assessment of sprinkler irrigation systems, modelling of tran sport processes in porous media, modelling of fluid-dynamics of debris and hyper-concentrated flows, flood control and mitigation measures, desertification and environmental impact of climate change, quantum approach to water droplet trajectories in sprinkler spray flow.